1. The ‘Aww-some-ness’ of Cranial-Head Massage

2. The ‘Woo-ing’ benefits of Neck and Shoulder Tension Release
3. The 'Magnifi-scent' techniques of Aroma and Anti-aging Facial Reflexology
4. The ‘Wow-ful’ benefits of the Arm and Hand Tension Release
5. The 'Awakening of the Spine' with the Invigorating Back Rub
6. The ‘Oh-Yes’ benefits of Hip and Lower Back Tension Release
7. The ‘Hurt So Good’ feeling of Leg and Calve Massage
8. The ‘Good God’ tips and techniques of Foot Reflexology
9. The ‘I Love You Honey’ secrets of Meditative Loving Stretch and Embrace

These classes are based on traditional Biblical principles and values.

Baby Massage Lessons were created to teach parents easy to learn tips and techniques in Reflexology and Acu-Massage for their precious babies. This is a really awesome way to keep your baby Healthy and Happy. You will also discover Acupressure points for restlessness, stomach aches, bed wetting, asthma and mild fevers. Gain insider Holistic Practitioner's knowledge on healing. Good health is the best gift you can give to your baby.

Foster Bonding + Boost Immunity + Balance Hormones + Cognitive Development


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Discover The 9 Ways Of Touch

For The Love Of Touch are workshops designed to teach couples Do-It-Yourself Reflexology, Acupressure and Tuina techniques.

Extremely great for prenatal and postnatal couples. Renew, transform and add zest to your relationship with the 9 Ways Of Touch: