Total Body Reflexology is non-invasive, and  is based on the neurological reflexes and energy pathways located in the feet, hands and head that correspond to every gland, organ and body part.

- Relieves Tension, Restores Hormonal Balance

- Treats Neuropathy, Vagus Nerve Reset

- Enhances Healing, Great For All Ages

Acupressure uses the fingers and elbows to press key points on the body to stimulate it's natural self-curative and restorative abilities.
- Relieves Pain and
Muscle Tension
- Improves Circulation and Mobility
- Trigger Point Therapy,
Reduces Scar Tissue

- Helps Arthritic Conditions and Stroke Recovery

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Cupping stimulates stem cell production, heal injuries fast, dramatically speeds up circulation, increases joint mobility and gets rid of stagnant blood.  So Amazing!

Injury Recovery Therapy combines super fast healing techniques from Manual Therapy, Acupressure, Sports Medicine, and Myofascial Release.  Sure Results!

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