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Specializing In Mobile Services. We Treat You At Your Home Or Office.

   Domisani Bonsu




Newmarket-Toronto-GTA, ONT. CANADA

After my Mom passed away from cancer in March of 2012, I made it my life's mission to help as many

people as I can live healthier and longer lives.  Therefore, I relaunched my Wellness Practice to provide

this much needed Holistic Health and Fitness services to you.  This was the birth of WELLNESSx3.

I have been an Elite Gymnastics Coach since 1993 and a Licensed Holistic Health Practitioner since 1996.

​I specialize in Reflexology, Acupressure, Cupping, Injury Recovery Therapy, Vegan Nutrition and Fitness

Training.  With over 20 years of experience and research, have developed

trademark Reflexology treatments for headaches, migraine, vertigo,​ asthma,

bed-wetting and many other health conditions.  Acupressure therapy is applied

when treating sports related injuries, fibromyalgia and other ailments of the

joints, muscles and soft tissues.  For all you fitness buffs there is Gymnas-Fit.

Gymnas-Fit is a one of a kind Total Body Conditioning and fitness system based on high performance

training from Elite Gymnastics, Soccer, Martial Arts, Calisthenics and Track and Field.  Welcome!​